Posture Corrector №12-GS203D

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Posture Corrector No.12 (Adjustable to All Body Sizes)
High-quality comfortable and adjustable posture correcting back brace for men and women.

Product Benefits:

1.    Semi-rigid spinal stabilization, posture correction throughout the day.
2.    The brace pulls back and straightens your shoulders, adding a few centimeters to your height.
3.    Development and maintenance of proper posture in kids and adults; indicated for the treatment of kyphosis, lordosis, kyphoscoliosis, and winged scapula.
4.    Rehabilitation after injuries and surgery on the thoracic and upper lumbar spine and clavicle
5.    Prevention of progressive spinal curvature and reduction of scoliosis-related spinal decompensation.


•    The brace should be worn directly on the body or over cotton clothing. It is very comfortable for daily wear and unnoticeable under clothing.
•    This comfortable posture correcting brace is the most cost-effective way to prevent slouching and long-term pain associated with it. It is so comfortable, you can wear it all day without even noticing it is on. 
•    Maintaining good posture during your daily activities relieves pressure on spinal discs is relieved and reduces pain and inflammation caused by bad posture.
•    Fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps ensure an accurate fit. For better comfort, wear it over an undershirt.

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