Posture Corrector №11

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Posture Corrector No. 11 (Adjustable from S to L Sizes)

Adjustable Upper Back Support Brace with a Buckle.

High-quality adjustable clavicle brace for upper back support while sitting for women and men.

Product Benefits:

1.    Corrects your sitting position and walking posture, helps you develop good habits and maintain the normal curve of your spine;
2.    Helps you achieve and maintain proper body alignment, alleviates muscle fatigue caused by poor posture;
3.    Helps you develop good posture habits, improves your appearance, as well as bone density and bone growth in kids.


  • Comfortable breathable mesh fabric and Velcro buckles.
  • Special design makes it easy to adjust the tension of the brace.
  • Easy to wear, comfortable, and breathable.
  • Can be easily concealed under clothing.
  • The brace is made from high-quality Neoprene; it has a 3D connecting buckle, which divides the straps. The brace is easy to adjust, and can be used in treating clavicle fractures, or simply to correct posture.  


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Posture corrector


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