Cooling towel

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NEW DESIGN 2019 Instant Cooling Towel (100x30).

Stays cooler longer than other evaporative gear by using new, patented technology that is free of polymers and topical chemicals. Other products lose their effectiveness after multiple washes.

CHEMICAL-FREE CONSTRUCTION. Moisture wicking properties wick away sweat; circulate moisture throughout the garment; and is long lasting. It will be as effective the 100th time as it was the 1st time.

HIGH PERFORMANCE TOWELS keep you comfortable during all of your outdoor or indoor gym activities. One of the best recovery, heat exhaustion prevention, and reusable pieces of sport apparel on the market.

EASY TO USE. Wet towel with water or sweat. Wring out the excess moisture. Grab towel on both ends and pull hands apart snapping the fabric to active the cooling technology. Lowers material temperature up to 30%. 100% polyester. Lightweight. Great for travel. Hypoallergenic. Latex-free.

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