What type of Posture Corrector to choose for yourself?

It depends on the needs, if you are suffering from any back pain , neck pain or any injury then you need a standard posture corrector as this will look firmer and will provide high support to your back and thus provides the proper posture for sitting.

If you are going to get corrector for just the bad posture, then you need to go with Posture Shirt. This provides support, comfort and prevents you from bad posture habits; Women can choose posture bra for the bad posture problems.

Are Posture Corrector and Back Brace Identical?

Both of them are designed for two different purposes; a back brace is designed for the people who have injuries, strain, scoliosis or sprain. Back braces are also perfect for the ones who lifts heavy objects; this back braces need to be fit around your lower back.

Posture Corrector are designed for providing the comfort to your shoulders, upper back, and clavicle area. This pulls your shoulders back to prevent slumping and result in providing good body posture.